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ORAL SURGERY/Extractions

         Before we go on to a very serious topic of oral surgery and extraction, we inject a note of levity.  Can Americans identify the person in the pictures below?  Probably.  How many Americans would know that this iconic figure first appeared in dental ads in the 19th century, promoting dental offices that provided the latest in anesthetic treatment for tooth extractions?  Not many, we'd guess.  Our goal in the 21st century is to continue to provide the pain free environment started over 160 years ago-with modern improvements, of course.  We also hope that OUR patients will not worry either!



     On a more serious note...   

      Our practice offers a range of oral surgery treatments.  The most common of which is the emergency removal of infected and abscessed teeth.  The key element that we offer is the ability to a pain-free environment in which the tooth is removed.  The most important thing that we can do for you is make you numb in a painless and effective manner.  Towards that end we recommend inhalation analgesia with nitrous oxide gas-ALSO KNOWN AS LAUGHING GAS.  The gas is mixed with oxygen and inhaled via a flexible nose cover.  After a few minutes of breathing the mixture of laughing gas and oxygen, the patient begins to feel a deep relaxation-a calming of the nerves.  Some patient feel a bit drowsy.  Children begin to giggle.  The gas alone is not enough to allow the extraction occur painlessly.  After the patient begins to feel relax, we apply a  very strong topical anesthetic ointment-made for us specially at a local compounding pharmacy.  This will numb the area where we are going to inject the local anesthesia("Novocaine").   We have 6 different ways to apply this numbing drug.  After injecting the anesthetic the patient will get numb and through a variety of means the infected tooth will be removed.  Success is demonstrated by the painless removal of the tooth-AND the lack of awareness of the process both during and after the procedure (a side effect of the laughing gas).  Unlike other sedation techniques, nitrous oxide analgesia is completely reversible in less than fifteen minutes.  After your treatment,  you can pursue your normal daily activities with no lasting sedation effects.

     On a historical note, as a dentist I am proud to say that the discovery of nitrous oxide anesthesia and ether anesthesia, by dentists, Dr. Horace Wells and Dr. William T. G. Morton, paved the way for modern surgery.  Without these discoveries there would be no hip/knee implants, heart transplants, cancer surgery-the list goes on and one.  The key to all successful surgeries big and small is freedom from pain.  That began with dentists in the 1840s, and continues today in our office as we constantly search for better and more effective  anesthesia techniques.



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