Your First Visit

Manuella cleans a patient's teeth Your first visit should take about an hour and a half. Dr. Urban likes to spend part of those 90 minutes getting to know you and what you consider to be important for your own dental health and how you feel about the appearance of your smile.

Dr. Urban will perform a very thorough exam before recommending any treatments or x-rays. After your individual exam, he will only recommend x-Rays based on your individual needs. We use state-of-the-art digital xray technology, which provide us with instantaneous xray images with 90% less radiation than what was previously used.

Dr. Urban normally cleans your teeth himself on your first visit. Your subsequent cleanings will be with our hygienist Maniella (pictured), unless he sees a dental problem during your initial exam. If this is the case, Dr. Urban will discuss your most pressing needs with you, do as much treatment as you would like, and bring you back for the dental cleaning another day.