Gag Me Gatto


This photo really creeps me out. When I think of how dirty a cat’s (or dog’s) mouth is this is just disgusting. They walk through the litter box, getting filthy bacteria ridden things on their feet. Then they clean every molecule of dirt, and cat

Flintstone Filling


Apparently humans were doing dentistry 14,000 years ago. This article explains several things about this ancient dentistry, and this part makes sense to me, “It was known that early humans used toothpicks made from wood or bone for basic dental

Anesthesia & Amnesia


A soldier in the U.K. army, stationed in Berlin, went for a routine root canal and ended up leaving with his memory severely damaged.  “After the procedure, the patient was pale and faint with 'slow speech' and appearing 'vacant', according to

2ooth Hundred


It’s a tortured title pun, but this is my two hundredth tooth blog, so I had to give it a shot. Even after 200 blogs, there still seem to be a lot of stories about teeth and dentistry to blog about.

For example, I found this nifty time lapsed video

Toothless But Sighted


Baby bird is a week old today. Sadly his siblings don't seem to be hatching, but baby bird is thriving. His (her?) eyes are open. He doesn't make any noise that I can hear, but his parents must be feeding him very well because he's growing like

Federal Holiday Friday


This is the first federal holiday Friday that our office has ever worked. We used to not schedule patients on Fridays, but have recently started to do so,  and federal holidays tend to be Mondays so . . . Here we are.

If you need anything