Blind and Toothless


What is blind, dumb, naked, and toothless?

The baby Robin in my back yard that just hatched this morning. Check it out on this video

As you can see the egg under it is cracking. I bet there will be two baby birds by the time I get home.




Monday I blogged about an unlicensed ‘dentist’ in Australia. Really it seems more like some joker just claiming he’s a dentist as opposed to a real dentist working without a license. This made me start to wonder how any of our patients can be sure



In discussing dental credentials here at the office one thing led to another, and viola I am now a licensed dentist.

As you can see below it's not difficult to forge a dental license. I spent about ten minutes on this one. Someone with

Dental Deception


Apparently there is a fake dentist in Australia, and one of his victims is quoted as saying, “‘My teeth are ruined. My gums bleed every day. It is very bad.’  He said his first appointment was for a clean, but that he had since had four teeth

Orange & Black Teeth


“Orange is the New Black” has just come out with season three, and I spent a few hours yesterday enjoying it. One of the characters, “Pennsatucky” had meth mouth in the first season. Later on the character had her rotten teeth replaced with new

Geographic Tongue


Geographic Tongue is a new term for me. This came up in the office today as one of Cerina’s friend’s kids has a spotted tongue. Dr. Urban mentioned that it could be Geographic Tongue, so I had to look it up.

Apparently it’s not a harmful condition