by Alison

Monday I blogged about an unlicensed ‘dentist’ in Australia. Really it seems more like some joker just claiming he’s a dentist as opposed to a real dentist working without a license. This made me start to wonder how any of our patients can be sure that Dr. Urban, and our hygienists, are indeed fully credentialed. This led me to ‘forging’ my very own dental license. It was easy, and with Photoshop and a color printer pretty much anyone can have a fake dental license.

The way to check on the validity of dental credentials (in the Commonweath of VA) is to Google ‘VA Board of Dentistry’, which will take you to  From there you can do a “license lookup” (on the left side of the screen) by name.

dental license lookup croppedSure enough, Dr. Urban is listed there. However, our hygienists cannot be looked up by name only by their license number. Every dental office is required to display their licenses, so you can find those numbers on the licenses.

Checking license numbers online would tell anyone immediately that the license I ‘forged’ on Monday was indeed a forgery, as that license number belongs to Dr. Urban, and my name is not listed on the site. However, in the 26 years I have worked here I have never seen anyone check out our licenses. And even if someone did check out the license they would have to check a photo ID to be sure that the person is who they say they are.

Lucky for us it doesn’t seem that practicing dentistry without a license is a big problem in this area. If you are concerned about your dentist or hygienist not being properly licensed, give us a call. We can help you with that 703-532-1712