Dental Deception

by Alison

Apparently there is a fake dentist in Australia, and one of his victims is quoted as saying, “‘My teeth are ruined. My gums bleed every day. It is very bad.’  He said his first appointment was for a clean, but that he had since had four teeth removed by the man, who he said glued replacement teeth onto his gums.”

 fake dds

I find this story about a fake dentist to be interesting and fishy. It’s awful that this ‘dentist’ is out here hurting people, but I find the victim in the photo to be a tad unbelievable.

First, the teeth he’s showing in the photo are a nightmare. I cannot believe that anyone licensed or otherwise could do this much damage in just a couple appointments. The man in the photo is clearly suffering from years of neglect and a total lack of home care as well as bad dentistry. You cannot blame the fake dentist for not cleaning your own teeth properly for the past 20 years. Second, while this fake dentist may have indeed removed four teeth, and done a lousy job of it, nothing can be “glued” to gums. There is no dental cement, or any kind of glue that will connect false teeth to gum tissue.

The article also states that the dentist was, “practising out of what appears to be a shed”. Hello! A shed? While not judging a book by it’s cover is often good advice, if the cover says groundskeeper and not dentist you might want to take heed. There’s a reason we call it the dental office and not the dental shed. This victim has apparently been making poor choices for a while.

This all makes me wonder about our own patients’ ability to check our credentials. I don’t think anyone has ever asked to see Dr. Urban’s dental license or our hygienist’s licenses. I am not even sure how they would check online to see that we are properly credentialed. I assure you that we are, but now I have to check online myself. I will post the results on Wednesday.

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