Orange & Black Teeth

by Alison

“Orange is the New Black” has just come out with season three, and I spent a few hours yesterday enjoying it. One of the characters, “Pennsatucky” had meth mouth in the first season. Later on the character had her rotten teeth replaced with new porcelain crowns.

pennsatuckywveneerspennsatuckyIn episode four of the new season another inmates asks to borrow some toothpaste. Pennsatucky says, “I don't need any toothpaste. These babies are porcelain . . . You think the Queen of England's just sittin' around, ordering her butler or whatever to clean the fancy china with Colgate? No, of course not. Because plates don't get cavities and neither do these bad boys”

This quote is funny and so wrong. She is right that porcelain does not decay. However, even people with no dental office experience know that they need to brush to avoid bad breath. If a person doesn’t care about fresh breath, the reason to brush well every day is to avoid periodontal disease. Porcelain teeth can be as easily lost to periodontal disease as natural teeth can.

So if you want to watch a funny (as well as dark, profane, and violent) show check out, “Orange is the New Black”. If you want to have healthy teeth that last a lifetime, porcelain or enamel, give us a call. We can help you with that. 703-532-1712