Wine & Cheese

by Alison

“Eat more cheese with your wine!” is the solution posed by a article entitled, “5 Surprising Things That Are Ruining Your Teeth”  The article goes on to explain that cheese is, “rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus, all of which can help buffer the acids vino leaves in your mouth” (

wine and cheeseThe other four things the article warns against are - fruit juice (loaded with sugar and citric acid both bad for teeth), chewable vitamins (just pop the pill the chewy ones stick to teeth), dried fruit (just about as bad as gummy candy), and the most surprising one to me, barbeque sauce!

petrolium jellyUnlike the delicious solution of eating cheese with wine, putting petroleum jelly on your teeth before eating barbeque is the proposed solution for that culprit. Bleck! Just the thought of that makes me a tad gaggy. Their backup solution is to brush after eating the barbeque. I think I’ll go with that.

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