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Once again we are one of the top rated dental offices in the DC area, with an overall rating of 96% a solid A. Woohoo!

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Plucking Parrot


I love this video, and after checking several sites online it seems that many pet birds like to clean their human friend’s teeth. This parrot is taking it a step further by doing a baby tooth extraction! 

Snake Oil


I’ve read and seen quite a few things online about, “oil pulling” as an oral hygiene practice.

I say hooey! Oil is not scientifically known to whiten teeth, clean teeth, or kill bacteria. Oil is known to make teeth oily, that’s all.

This is what

Tiger Teeth


Yesterday we made an upper denture for an older gentleman who hasn’t had teeth for many years.

Once it was in place the patient asked Cerina to see a mirror. Cerina put the mirror in front of him. He was taken aback and exclaimed, “I look like a