Plucking Parrot

by Alison

I love this video, and after checking several sites online it seems that many pet birds like to clean their human friend’s teeth. This parrot is taking it a step further by doing a baby tooth extraction!

parrot pulls tooth 2To me this seems like cleaning symbiosis which according to Wiki, “is a relationship between a pair of animals of different species, involving the removal and subsequent ingestion of ectoparasites, diseased and injured tissue, and unwanted food items from the surface of the host organism (the client) by the cleaning organism (the cleaner)”

This parrot is apparently doing what many birds have evolved to do and that is remove, what is in a sense, diseased or injured tissue. That baby tooth doesn’t belong there anymore, and the bird somehow knows it.

So if you need an extraction, and you don’t have a parrot, we can help you with that. Just give us a call 703-532-1712