Gorgeous Grins & Good Grammar

by Alison

I found an interesting online survey which concludes that, “when you assess a potential romantic partner, the first two things you rate are their teeth and grammar.” http://jezebel.com/5981696/apparently-everyone-wants-a-partner-with-nice-teeth-and-good-grammar.

While I find this perfectly logical (as an English major who has worked in dentistry for decades) Laura Beck (the blogger quoting this survery) seemed to be a tad disbelieving of this as she writes, “Are people really that picky about teeth? They're just teeth!”

Just teeth? Laura, are you kidding me? When was the last time you went on a date with someone with broken, brown teeth, and bad breath? Perhaps you’d prefer no teeth at all, or bucked teeth and a complete inability to conjugate English verbs? It’s not an attractive image, and I bet that’s not someone Laura would date

Since she goes on to say parenthetically, “I didn't start really brushing my teeth until college and still, I regularly skip evenings.” I guess we can see that Laura wasn’t brought up with oral hygiene as a priority. So perhaps that’s why she’s amazed at what I take to be an obvious fact. I think that that online survey is spot on. So many of my English professors were very attractive – big brains, well read, good grammar, and most of them had good teeth, making them a very attractive lot indeed. Oh how I miss the English Department at George Mason University.

So if you want to attract a mate, brush up on your grammar and brush your teeth! If you need help with your teeth give us a call 703-532-1712 FallsChurchSmiles.com