Mayweather’s Mouthguards

by Alison

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has earned 400 million dollars in his boxing career according to the CNBC article at This article also says that Mr. Mayweather pays $25,000 for various custom mouth guards.

floyds mouthguards 530x298When I first read about the mouth guards that seemed excessive, especially since he has them gold flecked, diamond dusted, and lined with hundred dollar bills.

However, after reading that his dentist travels to him in Las Vegas to make the guards the price seemed more reasonable. I had also never seen a photo of this boxer. He is gorgeous, and he has a million dollar smile.

floyd mayweather best cropped 1Then the article goes on to quote Mr. Mayweather’s dentist, "When I go back and look at the (Miguel) Cotto fight, Cotto was choking on his mouthguard, gasping for breath and repeatedly taking it out of his mouth while Mayweather was in his corner speaking with his mouth guard in, drinking water—never taking it out,"

That was really interesting to me. Of course, athletes must have equipment that helps them not hinders them, and an ill-fitting mouth guard would certainly be a hindrance in a boxing match.

“Mayweather practices everything from fighting to jumping rope with his mouthguard in, providing feedback on its fit. Up to 10 models later, and after customization, the mouthguard is ready for primetime.” It is, of course, important to practice under real life conditions, so this makes perfect sense.

Now that I know that Floyd Mayweather is a gorgeous multimillionaire, with a million dollar smile, who gets hit in the face for a living, whose dentist flies to Las Vegas to custom fit his mouth guards up to ten times - $25,000 seems pretty reasonable.

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