Keira Knightley Pearly Whitely

by Alison

kira knightly teeth e1428932408658“The Imitation Game” is a great movie; I recommend it to anyone who likes a good story and great acting. It’s the story of the English team of codebreakers who figured out Germany’s Enigma Machine during World War II.

Keira Knightley, who is just fabulous, plays the only female code breaker. As I watched the movie I was surprised to see how crowded her lower teeth are, as you can see in this photo. She’s undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood and has an absolutely fabulous smile. I don’t think anyone would say that she should change a thing. I certainly wouldn’t.

As both of my blog fans know I recently used invisible braces to straighten my lower teeth, which you can read about here.

After I got through the process I didn’t post my after pictures, as I didn’t care for the result. My lower teeth were indeed straight in six weeks. But the straightening caused some black triangles between my lower teeth, which is a sign of aging. I prefer my teeth youthful and slightly crooked, to perfectly straight and aged looking. Therefore I stopped wearing the invisible braces, and voila my teeth shifted right back to their previous position.

As I blogged back in June of 2012 the number of actors considered beautiful with crowded or gapped teeth abound. However, “I noticed that while they may have gaps or crowding their teeth are always beautifully white.  I didn’t find anyone with stained teeth. So I wonder if that is the line that we draw culturally? Can a woman be beautiful with crowded or gapped teeth? Apparently, yes. Can a woman be beautiful with stained teeth? Apparently, no." And Keira Knightley is fitting right into my theory.

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