Smokers & Aging

by Alison

If health reasons aren't enough to quit smoking perhaps premature aging will tip the scale. These photos are from Web MD. Their article goes on to explain that smoking even makes people lose their hair sooner, and more dramatically, than non-smokers.  I already knew about the wrinkles around the lips, bad skin in general, the stained teeth, gum problems, stained fingers etc.,  but the hair loss was a new one for me.

smokers aging dec 8 2014This photo is of twins. The one on the right is a smoker the one on the left is not.

In light of all this I am rather amazed that people still smoke. But then again people still do heroin and crack, drive drunk, eat way too much, don’t exercise, etc. It seems to be a part of the human condition that we do thing that are bad for us.

So if there is anything we can do to help you quit smoking, or help you reverse the damage you’ve done to your teeth from smoking give us a call. We are happy to help.  703-532-1712