Smokin’ Spies

by Alison

barb bain 1Lately I’ve been watching old, "Mission Impossible re-runs from the 1960’s. The first thing that struck me was Barbara Bain playing, “Cinnamon Carter”, Elite Magazine’s Model of the Year, and the Mission Impossible Team’s sexy, secret weapon. 

barbara bain 3

It is so funny to me that this woman, who to me just looks middle aged, and over made up with too much hairspray is supposed to be so sexy. She’s so sexy that no man who she sets her sights on can resist her. Just put Cinnamon in the room and all the men, bad guys, good guys, all of ‘em will flock to her, and fall for her story, whatever it might be in this episode.

barbara bain 2Since I often watch this on my iPad I can see close up, and she doesn’t smile a lot. She’s the smoldering, serious, sexy type. barbra bain 4However, on the odd occasion when she smiles big enough to show her teeth they are yellow, very yellow. I just tried to find a still photo showing her yellow teeth, but I can’t find any. Most are close mouth photos, or these of her smoking. No wonder she had yellow teeth.

I’ve been on my anti-smoking soap box lately, and seeing these shows and photos from the 1960's makes me realize, in part, why so many of my relatives smoked. It was just what all the cool kids did back then. Men, women, old, young, sexy spies, and field hands in overalls - they all smoked. One more reason I’m glad I’m living in the third millennia. It’s no longer cool to smoke. It’s gross and most people realize it.

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