by Alison

“The Wall Street Journal” has an interesting article online about how to keep your brain fit. http://guides.wsj.com/health/elder-care/how-to-keep-your-brain-fit/ . The one little trick that caught my eye was to do every day chores with your non-dominant hand. They specifically mention tooth brushing, in my case this would be brushing with my left hand.

I tried it and boy did it feel weird. However, I think it’s a good idea. No one does a perfect job brushing their teeth, so I think using the other hand is a good idea. The right hand will reach some areas better than the left and vice versa.

However, the point of the article is that we create new brain cells and brain pathways by doing new things, and by doing everyday things in different ways i.e. with our non-dominant hand, or with our eyes closed.

So all you lefties reading this go ahead and try brushing with your right hand. And we righties should give the left hand a try every now and then. If you need a tooth brush give us a call; we have both left handed and right handed ones.

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