by Alison

This is my 150th blog post, my own little sesquicentennial, sort of.  I doubt I’d know that word except for Dr. Urban’s influence. You see, he’s big into the U.S. Civil War, and 2011 through 2015 marks 150 years since that war started and ended, and a 150 year anniversary is called a sesquicentennial. Civil War historians are big on those kinds of anniversaries, so he’s been to many a sesquicentennial commemoration of the various battles. This made me think of the fact that I’ve learned a lot of words from Dr. Urban.

Most of the words he’s taught me are specific to dentistry like dens invaginatus, which I talked about in this blog. Which also reminded me that due to that word, I learned what dens en dente means; it’s the same as dens invaginatus. The piece of tissue that hangs between/above the tonsils is a uvula. If you have a discernable gap between your front teeth it’s called a diastema. The triangle shaped gum tissue between teeth is called the papilla, and the little stringy bit of tissue that holds your tongue at the bottom, and holds your lips to your face in front, is called a frenum.

Writing this blog caused me to learn some new words like denticle (a tooth like tumor), and cadaverine and putrescene (chemicals that make dead bodies stink, and are found in bad breath as well).

It’s been fun learning lots of stuff from Dr. Urban over the last 25 years, and learning stuff from writing 150 blog posts has been fun as well. I hope you, my two blog fans (Uncle John and Aunt Carol) have had fun reading this stuff too.

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