by Alison

Dr. Urban studied German in high school, so he still has a word or two of German in his head. Dr. Urban and I eat faster than any other people I know. This led Dr. Urban to say that we fressen instead of essen. You see in German when humans eat they “essen”, when animals eat they, “fressen”. It turns out you can really only fressen if you have all of your teeth.  Not that anyone wants to fressen; I need to focus on trying to essen instead of fressen.

I was chatting with my uncle about these German words for human vs. animal eating as I wolfed down my lunch nearly as fast as my dog did.  My uncle said that he can eat faster now that he has had his missing back tooth replaced with an implant. He said when he didn’t have a tooth back there he had to eat carefully. He said now he doesn’t have to think about it; he just eats.  Since we did that implant for my uncle here in our office that made me happy.

So if you have some missing teeth that make eating difficult give us a call. We can help you with that. 703-532-1712