by Alison

The greater Washington DC area is a transient one.  Because of this we sometimes lose patients who we really like and who really like us. When these patients move far away enough to need to find a new dentist they usually ask us who they should see in their new town.

I have several criteria that I’d use to find a new dentist. First I’d look at the AGD site Then I’d ask the person who answers the phone at the potential dental office a few expected questions like, how much money it will cost me, and when I can get in? But the question that I’d ask that you might not think to ask is, “Do you have digital radiography?”

A radiograph is an X-ray, and digital X-rays use about 90% less radiation than the old film style X-rays.  We can easily email the digital X-rays to anyone including the patient, instead of the cumbersome process of copying them, or worse yet losing the originals in the mail. We can see the image in about 10 seconds as opposed to waiting 10 minutes to develop the old style, and that developing fluid was nasty stuff, so no more of that as well. I cannot think of any aspect of digital radiography that isn’t superior to the old film X-rays.

We got our digital X-ray system back in 2006. It was expensive, but worth every penny.  I understood back in 2006 why every dental office hadn’t yet adopted that technology – it was expensive. But now, eight years later, I think any office worth patronizing will have digital X-rays - just my opinion.

So if you want a dental office that puts the best interests of their patients above cost concerns give us a call 703-532-1712