Distal Spin

by Alison

I got a nifty new toothbrush this past weekend. I got one of those spinning, electric toothbrushes that you can get at the drug store. I believe Crest first came out with them, but I bought the store brand. It was about 50 cents less, and both were very affordable at less than $10. I am now wondering how long the battery will last, that may affect the affordability.

The thing I really like about this brush is how it seems to clean the distal of my last molars. ‘Distal of the last molar’ is a phrase we often use in dentistry. It denotes the area on the back of the last tooth in your mouth. Most people have four of these areas, upper-right, upper-left, lower- right, and lower- left.  Whenever I have my teeth cleaned the hygienist usually tells me that I have accumulated some tartar in that area and need to brush better back there. But, of course, they say that to almost everyone as it’s a very difficult area to brush.

With a regular toothbrush, the brushing comes from moving it back and forth. When you get far enough back in the mouth you run out of room to go back and forth. The great thing about the spinning brush is you can just place it back there (if you have enough room, and I do) and it spins away the plaque that I formerly could not brush. So I expect a better report from the hygienist the next time I get my teeth cleaned.

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