Hand Holding

by Alison

While driving into the office today I heard yet another great NPR story. This one was about a train in the NY Subway that was stuck underground, without power, for two hours. The conductor is a very nice woman who did her best to calm the riders, and make them as comfortable as she could.


In explaining why she is so nice to people she relayed a story about someone being unkind to her in the past. She told a story of a dental visit years before when she was scared and asked the dentist to hold her hand. He refused and said, “I’m not your date.” Wow, what a jerk!

I guarantee you that Dr. Urban would have held that patients hand, or if he needed both of his hands to treat his patient he would have his assistant hold her hand. I guarantee it. I’ve held patients hands, and so has every employee in this office at some point.

So if you want a really kind and considerate dental office, where everyone is willing to hold your hand, give us a call 703-532-1712 FallsChurchSmiles.com