April Fool

by Alison

photoshop dontiaI was an April fool this year. On my April 1 blog I talked about hyperdontia as a friend had sent me a very cool photo of what I thought was hyperdontia, but it was a fake. Dr. Urban could tell right away, and now that he’s pointed it out I can see it too.

I also went back online to see who else noted that it was a fake and found the proof in the photo here. You can see how they took images of the same tooth and pasted them in again and again. Now I can see it with the incisors as well.

One of the reasons I like the photo so much was the same reason Dr. Urban could see it was a fake. The teeth are very pretty. They are all well formed. In hyperdontia cases usually the tooth is in the wrong place or malformed.

So if you’d like a dentist with a keen eye, who can pick out a fake a mile away, give us a call. 703-532-1712 FallsChurchSmiles.com