by Alison

“It’s a prevalent misconception that something ‘natural’ must be ‘safe’ to consume . . .” (p.17) is the quote from Thomas A. Viola RPh CCP that caught my eye in the, “AGD Impact” magazine Feb 13th volume.  

This is indeed a misconception that drives me nuts. Hemlock, arsenic, dog feces, and snake venom are all natural.  I swear I think a significant portion of the American public would buy, and ingest, new and improved, all natural hemlock if it promised weight loss or a good night’s sleep.

So please beware. Natural does not mean healthy, it just means found in nature, and plenty of unhealthy and poisonous things are found in nature.

However, a beautiful, natural looking smile is indeed a good thing. If you need one of those give us a call we can help you with that. 703-532-1712