Diet Soda

by Alison

Drinking a lot of diet soda wrecks your teeth much like smoking crack, or smoking meth does!


Dr. Mohamed Bassiouny (a dental professor at Temple University) wrote an article, published in the, "Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry" March/April edition,  in which he says, “Consumption of illicit drugs and the abusive intake of acidic carbonated beverages (particularly soda) often are associated with similar types of damage to the human dentition, the most common of which is dental erosion” (p.38).

Holy cow, I knew that drinking diet soda was not good for you, but this was a revelation to me. The patient in the photo above was drinking two liters of diet soda every day. I have to think this patient  was also not brushing, or if she was she was using the wrong end of the brush.

I think most people know that meth amphetamine, and crack cocaine use is just a bad idea in general. I even blogged about, “meth mouth” on March 5, 2012. But I believe most people think that drinking diet soda is a good alternative to regular soda, apparently it’s not, especially not if you drink two liters a day.

So if you want nice teeth - don’t smoke crack, don’t smoke meth, don’t drink two liters of soda a day (not even diet soda), and give us a call 703-532-1712