Rich People

by Alison

I live in a great area, but it’s a very expensive area, and I am not a rich person. However, within a block or two of me there are many rich people. This allows me an occasional glimpse into how the other half lives.

I was at lunch this weekend and eavesdropping on the two well dressed, well coiffed ladies sitting in front of me. One lady was apparently in the market to buy a house, and she was making a list of all her must haves. She was looking in areas where the homes are around a million maybe a million two.  On her must have lists were a large two car garage, and large formal dining area.

Every now and then I would catch a look at her face, and I could see her upper right bicuspid was black from an existing silver filling. I found it very distracting and I think it greatly detracted from her beauty. She clearly spent a lot of money, time and effort on her hair, and her fingernails, but is walking around with a black tooth clearly visible when she smiles.

I’d love to know what is keeping her from getting that fixed. Is she afraid of dental treatment? Has no one told her that that tooth could be fixed? Maybe she never turns to the side when looking in the mirror and so she doesn’t realize how bad it looks. I can only guess that money is not the issue as she seemed to have a million dollars, or more, to spend on housing.

So while I am indeed bitter that I don’t have a million dollars to spend on a house, and I shiver in my hovel every time the wind blows, at least I do have a million dollar smile. If you’d like to have a million dollar smile give us a call; we can help you with that, and for way less than a million bucks. 703-532-1712