by Alison

“Vitamin D Linked to Lower Caries Rates”, is the headline that caught my eye in, “Dentistry Today” February 2013 edition. It turns out that vitamin D is undeniably important for keeping bones healthy, but it’s role in preventing cavities is not yet clear, even after decades of study.

To me it makes sense from this point of view - Fluoride is important in both healthy teeth and bones, so it strikes me as logical that vitamin D would be as well. Not exactly scientific I know.  The article states, that in various studies over 60 years, involving 3,000 kids in several countries, “Vitamin D was associated with an approximate 50% reduction in the incidence of tooth decay”.

The problem with that statement is, of course, that correlation doesn’t equal causation. My favorite example of this logical fallacy is the decrease in pirates being linked to global warming. So who knows, maybe the kids who had plenty of vitamin D also had better dental care. This is indeed the conclusion of the article which states, “Whether this is more than just a coincidence is open to debate”.

But why take chances?  Be sure to get plenty of vitamin D, especially if you have been avoiding the sun, and using sun block. And if you need a good dentist, give us a call. 703-532-1712 FallsChurchSmiles.com