Candy Man

by Alison

Most people know to brush, and clean between their teeth to remove food and bacteria that cause odor and other dental problems. What many people don’t know is that one of the keys to fresh breath is a clean tongue.

sammy davis jr

I remember once hearing that Sammy Davis Jr. would pop a cherry life saver into his mouth just before singing on camera as that would make his tongue look nice and healthy pink. If he had just cleaned his tongue thoroughly it would have looked nice and healthy pink. The thought of someone’s tongue being coated in bacteria, to the point of it no longer being pink, smoking cigarettes, and then adding a sugary lifesaver to the mix, Blech! Just brush it, Candy Man!

You can brush your tongue with your tooth brush, or you can get a tongue scraper and scrape it clean. My tongue scraper does a better job than my brush does, but since I am in there with the brush anyway I usually just brush my tongue. However, I have a strong gag reflex, and I find that if I eat breakfast first then brush my tongue I might see my breakfast again. So I usually brush my teeth and tongue before breakfast.

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