R.I.P. Keurig

by Alison

Here at the dental office we have a Keurig coffee machine, and we love it. A fresh hot cup of coffee is a nice way to start the day. Our patients also like it. Here at the dental office we run on time, so we don’t have a ‘waiting room’ we have a reception area, and if you come early we will offer you a nice fresh, hot, cup of coffee to enjoy until your appointment time comes.

Unlike every other piece of equipment in the dental office, we didn’t think about maintenance on the Keurig machine. We had it for 22 months and it stopped working. Then it occurred to us to do the maintenance. Beth looked online and found that it should be de-scaled every three to six months. She tried several times to get it working again to no avail. Considering we skipped five or six maintenance cycles it worked like a champ. So now we are getting a new Keurig machine.

If you have a fancy coffee machine be sure to do the regular maintenance.  If you’d like to have a dental office that runs on time, and will offer you a nice cup of coffee give us a call 703-532-1712 FallsChurchSmiles.com