by Alison

Nice clean drinking water is a luxury that we Americans often take for granted. I’ve always been a big water drinker, so I appreciate the fact that we have bottle water in soda machines now.  We should all drink lots of water every day, so I think bottled water is great.

One thing we need to remember though is that bottled water often doesn’t have fluoride therefore it’s often not a good substitute for tap water.  However, tap water isn’t always the tastiest option. So if you are substituting bottled water, that does not contain fluoride,  for tap water please know that there has been a rise in dental decay in children and some think it might be due to the kids getting less fluoride because they are drinking less tap water.

Another thing I think we should all be aware of is that fluoride doesn’t just strengthen teeth against decay it also strengthens bones against osteoporosis later in life. Of course too much of anything is bad, and too much fluoride will discolor teeth and make bones brittle.

So how much fluoride should we ingest? Check out this table I found on http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/fy887

Table 1.

Life Stage Amount
Children 7-12 mos. 0.5 mg*
Children 1-3 0.7 mg
Children 4-8 1.0 mg
Children 9-13 2.0 mg
Children 14-18 3.0 mg
Men, ages 19 + 4.0 mg
Women, ages 19 + 3.0 mg
*mg = milligrams


That same article explains that “the upper limit for fluoride for children older than eight years and adults is 10 mg/day”.

So be sure to get the proper amount of fluoride, and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call

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