Big Brush

by Alison

I meant to take a photo of the toothbrush holder in my bathroom this morning. I believe it was made in 1950, and I think that is why my toothbrush handle does not fit in it. My toothbrush lays (lies? I know I should know that) atop it sideways. Luckily I am the only person who uses that bathroom so it’s not an issue. However, it does make me wonder how big tooth brushes used to be and when this changed.

Having been in dentistry for 23 years, personally handing people a new toothbrush a few times a week, and purchasing tooth brushes in bulk four times a year you would think I would be very aware of the size of the average tooth brush handle, but I really do not remember when tooth brush handles size changed. I remember when Reach came up with the angled head idea. I think that was back in the 1980’s. I do remember having a yellow Reach tooth brush in high school and now that I think of it, I do think the handle would have fit in my small 1950’s holder.

No moral to the story today, just observations. My clothes don’t fit in a 1950 closet, and my tooth brush doesn’t fit in a 1950 holder. If you’d like a new tooth brush give us a call, we can help you with that. 703-532-1712