TED Talks Teeth

by Alison

I have been watching a video series known as TED Talks. TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design. They have a series of videos available, on mostly interesting subjects, pertaining to those three topics. I saw this one about the power of the human smile, given by Ron Gutman. It’s the 6th in the, “Head Games” series.

I think we all know intuitively that the human smile is powerful, but Gutman quantified some of the data on just how powerful it really is.

He cites studies that show that baseball players who smiled on their baseball cards lived 10% longer than those who did not. A smile can actually make you feel better. Which is the opposite of what we normally think. We feel good - we smile, sure, but the reverse is also true. We feel bad, and the simple act of smiling makes us feel better

This reinforced my belief in the importance of nice teeth. How can one smile if they are self-conscience about the appearance of their teeth? No smiling = shorter life span and less happiness, at least there seems to be a correlation according to that TED Talk.

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