by Alison

In August Dr. Urban’s assistant, Beth, went to Portugal with her extended family. Two days before they left her niece, who is a patient here at the office, had elective dental surgery. She had some teeth extracted. This could have waited until she got back, the teeth were healthy; they were being removed for aesthetic reasons.

While things went reasonably well, extractions are indeed surgery, and they leave a patient sore at best. Sure enough Beth’s niece was very sore. She needed prescription pain relievers, which may have been a help when on a transatlantic flight. However, she was uncomfortable for her first week of vacation and on pain meds. Had it been me I would have waited until after vacation for surgery, and I have it on good authority that if she had it to do over she would have waited as well.

So the moral of this dental story is wait to have elective procedures until after vacation, after the big test, after your big move.

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