by Alison

I think the last time I blogged was July 30. Since then we have taken everything out of the office, and I mean everything. Every dental supply, every office supply, everything. We put it all in storage Thursday, August 2nd, and by Saturday August 4th the office had no walls, no ceiling, no floor, nothing. The demolition crew from our contractors at DR Construction had gutted it.

We had planned for the office to be under renovation for three weeks, and intended to see patients Monday August 27th. When I got in that day Dr. Urban was here.  Beth was here bright eyed and bushy tailed from vacation, as was Maniella. Brittany was here for her very first day of work with our office, and they were all standing in the hallway because the office had about 10 different construction workers in here hammering, sanding, sweeping, and generally scurrying around. The office had no ceiling, and it didn’t look like we’d have one anytime soon. So much for seeing patients on the 27th.

Tuesday the 28th wasn’t much better, now the fact that the HVAC system wasn’t working became apparent, as did the fact that some plumbing hadn’t been capped off, and it was making a tremendous racket. So, hot, noisy, and we had located about half the equipment, and supplies that we needed to do a proper job seeing patients. By the end of Tuesday Dr. Urban felt we could see patients Wednesday. We did see patients on Wednesday, and it was an adventure.

Two weeks later I now have enough time to blog. So things are getting back to normal. We still have a lot of things to finish up. Nothing is yet as pretty as it will be, but we are mostly functional.

So if you’d like to have a dental office with all the latest and greatest in dental technology, give us a call we can help you with that. 703-532-1712.