by Alison

I adore the AMC original series, “Mad Men”. It’s visually fun, shows how far we’ve come socially in 50 years, and I love the night-time, soap opera story lines. In the last episode of season four, “Megan”, says that someone told her she couldn’t be an actress because of her teeth.

jessica pare teeth

I’ve been watching the show on my relatively new, but not top of the line television, and without my glasses, so I don’t see fine details in the picture. All I had noticed was a gorgeous brunette. So I walked up to the TV and was surprised to see a gummy smile. Then I put the show on my iPad and was surprised to see that not only did she havea gummy smile she also had gaps between not just her front two teeth but all of her upper teeth! Egad, it is quite distracting.

I found several things interesting about this. First, that an actress in this day and age would not get her teeth fixed. I read about her and apparently she has no intention of getting them fixed. I am also interested in how gorgeous she is despite her distracting teeth. It does add a layer of realism to the show, because in 1960 one would not have as many options for fixing their teeth. Then I wonder about the term, “fixing teeth”. As far as I know nothing is unhealthy about her teeth, they are just not pretty IMHO. Must teeth be perfect to be pretty?

In my search for photos of Jessica Pare’s teeth I found other photos of actresses with less than perfect teeth. Mostly there were gaps and crowding. Avril Lavigne, and Anna Paquin are oft cited examples.

avrillavigne200anna paquin bad teethActually I think Avril’s teeth are cute, kinda vampirish which seems to be in vogue nowadays. Perhaps she’d be the more logical choice for  a vampire show instead of Anna Paquin.

I noticed that while they may have gaps or crowding their teeth are always beautifully white.  I didn’t find anyone with stained teeth. So I wonder if that is the line that we draw culturally? Can a woman be beautiful with crowded or gapped teeth? Apparently, yes. Can a woman be beautiful with stained teeth? Apparently, no.

If you know of anyone who you think is gorgeous with stained teeth please send me a photo. And if you would like to have a more beautiful smile for yourself or a friend, give us a call. We can help you with that. 703-532-1712  FallsChurchSmiles.Com