by Alison

A few weeks ago Beth told me about a Polish dentist who assaulted her x-boyfriend by removing all of his teeth without his permission.

“No!” I exclaimed, incredulous.

“Yes. Really, it was on the news.” Beth assured me.

I looked up the story online, and sure enough many reputable news organizations were reporting this bizarre tale. So I made a note to be sure that I blogged about it.

I am so glad that I waited. I looked the story up again today. I initially went to the WJLA.com version of the story as I wanted to be sure I had a real news organization’s version of it. They, and everyone else, are now saying that the story was a hoax.

The fact that this story was a hoax made sense to me, as the story was just too bizarre (which is often the hallmark of a true story as well). As we all discussed the story here in the dental office a few weeks ago I said, “Wait a minute. Any patient in our practice would very quickly figure out we had extracted one tooth, there is no way we could extract every tooth in a patients mouth without them knowing.” The story claimed that the patient was surprised to find himself edentulous (the dental term for having no teeth) when he got home. We went with the assumption that this patient had been given complete sedation. We do not provide this level of anesthesia in our office, but some oral surgeons do.

This just hammers home the point that you cannot believe everything that you read. Even if you read only credible news sources, even they can be fooled. So many times one news organization is just reporting what they got from another organization, and anyone in the chain could be mistaken.

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