Hard Work

by Alison

Dr. Urban and I went to look at dental equipment Friday. We saw the latest and greatest in patient comfort as well as dentist and staff comfort.

Not many people realize how physically demanding being a dental practitioner is, and it’s not just the dentist; it’s the hygienists and assistants too. They twist and turn trying to see inside patient’s mouths, working bent over all the time. Hygienists scrape tartar off of teeth all day. It’s actually quite hard on their hands. They often get carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Both hygienists and dentists have to see well, and so many use magnifying loops on their glasses much like jewelers do. The loops help them to be able to maintain a comfortable posture while working inside a patient’s mouth. Some patients can’t open very wide, some have tiny mouths, some have back or neck problems and so cannot be reclined fully, which can really make positioning them a challenge.

Dr. Urban was not the first dentist to liken dentistry to fixing a watch in a dark pool of saliva, and it is an apt comparison. Over the years various things have been invented to help patients keep their mouths open, keep the mouth lit, retract tongues and cheeks, and keep saliva away from the area being treated. The equipment we looked at included dental chairs that recline patients in a way that is more comfortable for both the patients, and the dentist or hygienist.

We are still planning on renovating the office in August this year. Dr. Urban has already hired a contractor. The plan is nearly completed. If you’d like to try out the latest and greatest in dental chairs give us a call; you can try one of our current ones out and then compare it to a new one this fall.

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