Office Renovation

by Alison

I wanted to write about a story I heard on NPR, WAMU last week about a comic book that was valued at $325,000. I just searched their website and cannot find it. If you can find that story can you please send me a link to it?

I do not have time to search as much as I’d like because we have exciting things going on here at the dental office. Unfortunately exciting things mean monotonous chores for me.

We are going to renovate the office this summer.  Beth and I decided that in order to gain some more space we are going to go completely digital. This will get rid of our paper patient charts. In order to do this we must scan every piece of paper in the patients’ paper charts and attach it to their electronic chart. It takes about 8-10 minutes per patient to get it all in there. So instead of searching for blog quotes I am now going to start scanning.

If you’d like to have a dental office that is very up to date with the latest in digital technology give us a call