by Alison

The meteorologists got us all worked up again for naught. I am glad that it didn’t snow, but I have friends who get very excited when the forecast gives hope of a big storm, and they were let down yet again. When we got that forecast last week it seemed to me that we often get a snow storm around Valentine’s Day or Presidents Day, so I Googled it.

The site above gave me some insight as to why, in my mind, Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day have often had big storms. One reason is that February is the snowiest month for D.C., 6.3 inches is our average; although January is close behind with 6.2. However, NOAA is averaging these numbers from today back to the 19th century, and I only remember DC weather from the 1970’s on.

Sure enough, there have been some big storms around both Presidents Day and Valentine’s Day in my lifetime. February 18-19, 1979 was called the, “The Presidents Day Storm”, and it was considered the worst storm in DC in 57 years. I was 14 at the time, so it made a big impression on me. As I recall we missed an entire week of school.

February 11-12, 1983, we had a huge storm that “beat the Presidents Day Storm and was the second greatest snowfall of record for the Washington area”. Feb 15-17 2003 Dulles saw over 21 inches of snow. Feb 13-14, 2007 there was the, “Valentine’s Day Sleet Storm”.

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