Summer Vacation

by Alison

Vacation time is almost here. Because we are a small office, Dr. Urban is our only dentist, when he goes on vacation we all go on vacation. If Dr. Urban isn't here there isn't much we can do.

We often try to take a full two weeks off in August as we have several employees who have family abroad. This gives them time to get overseas and back if they want to . We have a total of 6 people working here including Dr. Urban and myself. Since each one of us constitutes 17% of the entire team it's vital that we are all here when the office is open. It's great to have a small office and know everyone, but the downside is it's tough to take a day off without upsetting the entire schedule. As the office manager I have a hard time getting everyone to agree on what days we want to take for vacation.

In January we look ahead at the new year and I ask everyone, "When do you want to go on vacation this year?" I don't know why I still ask as the answer is always the same, "I don't know yet." It's a little easier for our employees who have children. We just look at the school schedule and know when they want to take off for spring break, but summer is always a guess until we get closer.

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So, we will be on vacation the first two weeks of August. I will probably check the phone messages from home a few times to try to keep things orderly until we get back. Dr Urban is going to Canada. Beth, Jenny, and Maniella are all going to different East Coast beaches (we have been discussing the recent shark attacks). Li will be going to China! While I would like to do something I doubt that I will. My home renovation has taken all of my money and is not not quite done. UGH.

If you have a dental need in the next two weeks, and you are a patient of record, you can call Dr. Urban's cell phone. He can advise you about what to do until he can see you personally. If you are a new patient feel free to call us at 703-532-1712 and leave a message we will call you on August 15 or 16th when we get back.