Greene Black

by Alison

G.V. Black was the father of modern dentistry, and he served in the Union Army. I know this because Dr. Urban told me about G.V. back in the 1980’s. Dr. Urban is a fount of knowledge, especially when it comes to two things, dentistry and the U.S. Civil War. G.V. is one of the first people I remember Dr. Urban talking about.

imagescaj2e8f4So, of course, my first question was, “what does the G.V. stand for?”

“Greene Vardiman”, Dr Urban replied.

“Green? Seriously, his name was Green Black?” In my mind I misspelled it.

“Oh, I had never thought of it like that.” Dr. Urban retains facts very well; he doesn’t always put two & two together. I think it didn’t occur to him as very few people use G.V.’s first name. Anytime I’ve heard him mentioned it’s G.V. not Greene.

Why would someone name a child, a baby, Greene, especially when the last name is Black, or any color for that matter? What would be worse – Green Brown, Greene Mile, Greene Hill, Greene Valley, Greene Fields, Greene Bush? I suppose if his name had been Greene Blue then his nickname would have been Teal.

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