Google Gurus

by Alison

Here it is April 6th, one quarter of the year already gone.

I was just editing some previous posts to include a link to our site. The google gurus say that will get us higher on the searches, and really that's what this blog is all about.

In re-reading some posts I saw the New Year's Resolution blog. Ugh, I think I have failed at my resolution, so far. However,  I am still determined to speak more quietly. I just have to remember to do it.

How did your New Year's Resolutions go? Since we are more than 25% of the way through the year,  it's time to evaluate. I hope you are doing better with your resolutions than I am with mine.

If your resolution includes getting healthy teeth and gums that last a lifetime give us a call 703-532-1712.

See, I remembered to include the link this time. Soon I'll be able to use my indoor voice routinely as well. :-)