BUtterfield 8

by Alison

I was sad to see that Liz Taylor died this past weekend. She was fabulous. No one was more beautiful. Natalie Wood IMHO might have approached that level of beauty, but Natalie didn’t have violet eyes.

butterfield8 movieposter1I remember watching “BUtterfield 8”, one of Liz’s racier films. In this movie she brushes her teeth - for about five seconds. That drove me nuts. You can’t even freshen your breath with a five second brushing. Proper brushing takes at least two minutes, add interproximal cleaning and it’s a 4-5 minute chore. Even a five year old who is faking brushing would do it for more than 5 seconds.

I realize the editor of “BUtterfield 8” would have flipped had anyone suggested that they show Liz brushing her teeth for two full minutes. However, I am also a big fan of the movie “Pulp Fiction”. It’s certainly not for everyone; it’s incredibly violent and gritty, but if you like that sort of thing it’s great. In that film a French woman brushes her teeth, and the way it’s edited, it seems as if she brushes all night. Actual screen time is only about 20 seconds. I love that. Did she brush ALL night? I don’t think so, but it was nifty editing, and I, of course, love it when people brush their teeth properly. I know, I know, I’m a dental dork. And please don’t ever brush your teeth all night; you will hurt yourself. Two-three minutes then floss.

If you get a chance, and you like racy movies (racy for 1960) check out “BUtterfield 8”. If you like gritty, violent films check out “Pulp Fiction”. If you need a great dental office give us a call at 703-532-1712  http://www.fallschurchsmiles.com/