Happy Ground Hog Day

by Alison

Ground Hog Day is great, both the movie and the quasi holiday. As I am writing this I am checking online to see what the verdict is from Punxsutawney PA.


Hurray! Phil did not see his shadow, and that portends an early spring! Since we just dodged yet another huge winter storm I am filled with hope that Phil is right.

Winter storms adversely affect all business (except maybe grocery stores) and here in the dental office we are no exception. A winter storm watch or warning will cause our phones to ring with cancellations. This morning we could not book a patient as the forecast had so many people fearful of an ice storm, which did not materialize for the DC metro area.

So here I sit with plenty of time on my hands to blog.
As you can see Jenny is here and ready to see patients, but the dental chair is empty.

Give us a call, 703-532-1712 for a dental appointment anytime, but especially when the weather forecast is for snow. Often times during winter weather advisories we will be able to get you in immediately.