New Year's Resolution

by Alison

New Year’s Resolutions

Lots of folks resolve to change something in the New Year. My resolution is to speak more quietly. My normal speaking voice can be heard by people 100 feet away. It seems to be a family trait; I have an aunt and a cousin who cannot speak without yelling, so I think it’s genetic. Dr. Urban is a loud talker too.   I often ask him who he is talking to because he hollers as if he is talking to the people in the office down the hall! He blames it on poor hearing, but somehow if I say anything that he doesn’t like he suddenly hears as well as Lassie.

So if you hear me talking too loudly feel free to ask me, “Who are you talking to?”  I’ll get the hint. ;-)

What would you like to do differently this year? Please feel free to post a comment and let us all know. If it has anything to do with getting better dental health, or a more attractive smile, please call us NOW, 703-532-1712.  We can help you with that. :-)