Taboo Tooth Topics

by Alison

On my laborious commute to work in the morning I pass a dental office that is in the dentist’s home, on a major thoroughfare, just outside of the beltway. Since traffic often crawls I have time to notice his large front yard, his lovely home, and the large sign in his yard with his name, D.D.S., and phone number.

A couple weeks ago I was stuck in traffic, in front of his house, and I noticed a huge political banner with controversial verbiage, and an accusation which insults the President of the United States, Republicans, and Democrats alike. I found that shocking. I’m all for free speech, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

This banner uses the word profligate, and it is misspelled as proflicate. When I first wrote this I included a photo of the banner. Then I thought that someone might misconstrue my meaning and think that I was espousing what was on that banner. In the interest of not offending anyone, or being taken out of context, I took the photo out of this posting.

I was flabbergasted that any professional would use his office to broadcast a controversial and harshly worded opinion, and to do it in such a grand manner, and on top of that to misspell profligate! I’m not sure which is worse, insulting the president & both major political parties, or his poor spelling. I mean, he went to the trouble to have this giant banner made up, used a $5 word like profligate, and then misspelled it. Ooof. Even a poor speller like me would run it through the spell check before sending it to the printer.

Here at our dental office we have a rule – It is taboo to talk about politics, sex, or religion. These topics are just too sensitive. I hope no one in my office has any clue about any of our individual political or religious affiliations. These things have nothing to do with the high quality of dentistry and customer service that we provide for our patients. In our office all people regardless of their beliefs, political opinions, or religion are welcome.

Oh yeah, the other rule in our office - Always use spell check.