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by Alison

This is amazing, incredibly valuable new information on how to have healthy teeth and gums that last a lifetime. I don’t mind telling you that I was floored when I read this Reuters report that was cited in the ADA Morning Meeting.

The article cites a study of twins and the microbiome in their mouths. They concluded that while the bacteria that is in kids’ mouths are indeed affected by genetics; it is also affected by environment. And here’s the big shocker. I found this so enlightening that I must quote it exactly. “In contrast, bacteria that are more common in children who consume a lot of sugar were associated with having more cavities.”


Clearly, I am kidding; at least I hope it’s clear. We have known forever that a diet high in sugar is associated with more dental decay. But this little tidbit about the microbiome is interesting. “With extra sweets, kids not only add bad bacteria that causes cavities, they also lose the good bacteria they were born with”.

As I mentioned in my ‘Microbiome Mysteries" blog it’s not just about too much bad bacteria. It’s also about having not enough good bacteria, and apparently, sugar does not help the good bacteria.

So the answer is the same as it always it. Lay off the sweets and processed foods. And if you have any questions give us a call 703-532-1712