by Alison

The American Dental Association sends us a nifty email each morning with interesting dental stories. Today they sent one from “Self” magazine. It was all about gum disease and how it’s “no joke”. I couldn’t agree more.
At this very moment, a patient is waiting for his wife in our office reception area. I happen to know that he has severe gum disease, and we have referred him to our periodontist more than once. He refuses to go. He says that he will. He waits a year or two, we see him again, he still hasn’t seen the specialist.
I personally urged him to see the specialist just a month ago. I ended up being very blunt with him, and let him know that he will be losing teeth due to his gum disease. He seemed very unhappy to hear that, but he still hasn’t taken action.
I am not posting a link to the article in “Self” as I have covered the horrors of gum disease ad nauseam. That and the fact that there are so many pop-ups, click-bait ads on the article. I don’t want to promote such nonsense. What I can say is that at this moment I am looking at a person who is going to lose teeth from gum disease. It makes me sad, but we have done all we can.
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