Eight Ball

by Alison

LaVar Ball is a marketing genius. I had no idea who he was just last week. Now I am blogging about his teeth. Whether or not you like him, ya gotta admit, he knows how to get attention.

LaVar BallIn this image you can see that his right central incisor, tooth number eight, is discolored. Unlike many of the other celebrity tooth issues I have mentioned, which can be subtle, this one is super obvious.

I bet he will have this tooth ‘fixed’ within a month or so. It looks to me like it had a root canal or needs a root canal. I am betting he had one, and now that tooth needs a crown.

He could get all of his upper front teeth crowned or veneered and have ‘perfect’ teeth overnight. I personally wouldn’t do anything with the lowers. They have good color and are only crowded, not unattractively so. But you never know, he’s an extreme guy. I could see him getting the lowers ‘done’ as well.

You can be sure that I will keep an eye on his teeth and blog the minute I see he has changed them. 

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