The Princess & The PFM’s

by Alison

Megan Markle is gorgeous. There’s no two ways about it. Gorgeous face, hair, clothes, body, makeup, great career, well spoken, she’s the total package. Megan shares the recent cover of People Magazine with her fiance’ Harry . . . Windsor? Is Harry’s last name Windsor?

Megan Markle people mag

Anyway, let’s talk teeth. Her teeth are gorgeous – great color, straight, good proportions, her gums look good, nice smile. It’s all working.

Obsessed as we are with teeth Dr. Urban and I had the same thought about that photo. When I first saw it I said to Beth, while pointing at the image of Megan, “Number eight and nine look like PFM’s don’t they?” That’s dental talk for – Her upper two front teeth look like crowns.

Dr. Urban picked up the same magazine, brought it over to my desk and said, “Do you see that?” I said, “Yeah, you mean eight and nine are PFM’s?”

Yes, that’s what he meant. It’s very subtle, but it does appear to both of us that in that photo she seems to have crowns that have metal linings and therefore show a tiny bit of grey at the gum line. However, it’s only in that photo, and it’s super difficult to see here.

Does it matter? No. Are they crowns? Maybe, but it might just be one photo with a lighting issue. But we are really into subtle details of teeth here in the dental office. We enjoy looking at such things, discussing them, and fixing them!

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