Olga’s Open Bite

by Alison

I loved Olga Korbut. I remember 1972 summer Olympics very clearly although I was only 7 years old. Olga stole the hearts of Americans as the plucky little Soviet girl from Belarus. She was amazing on the uneven bars, her floor routine was great, and she owned the balance beam. Olga won three gold and one silver medal in 1972 for her amazing gymnastic skills, that many say changed and popularized gymnastics forever. And I, of course, now focus on her teeth. 

Olga 1972

I believe what we are seeing in this picture is an “anterior open bite”. Anterior means front and an open bite is when the teeth don’t touch. This is often caused when a child sucks his thumb or pacifier. If the thumb is in there enough it becomes an orthodontic device forcing the teeth to splay out around the obstruction. But it could be just a natural formation. Her upper central incisors are also very short which makes me wonder if they were broken.Olga teeth fixed

As you can see, later in life, Olga got her teeth “fixed”. It looks to me like she got some really nice crowns. They look gorgeous, very natural. And you can see she doesn’t have that rounded, flared out “open bite” look anymore.